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Bill Otto
Western Pennsylvania has always been a breeding ground for Doo Wop, Rhythm and Blues, Motown and Top 40 hits. Collecting records and "playing" radio goes back into the dark ages for me. It might be a cliche for some but it's true for me, I've been playing the oldies since they were new.

My first job was the afternoon shift at WPSL in Monroeville. On weekends it was three hours of polkas and three hours of oldies. After three years in the army, I shaved, put on a clean shirt and began playing classical music at WLOA in Braddock, PA until moving to the Baltimore area. There I worked at WTOW, Towson, a Christian station, before doing weekends and oldies at WVOB Belair, MD. In 1973, Indiana became home and weekends at WDAD. A new station opened in Blairsville, WCQO (now CAT Country), and I had the opportunity to do a daily sports program there. Back to WDAD on June 1, 1985 where I took over "Prime Gold Saturday Night" which eventually moved over to WQMU-FM. In May of 1989 I had the opportunity to move the oldies show to Saturday mornings on WCCS in Homer City and the Oldies Attic was born and continues to this day.

Oh yes, I worked as an engineer for Bell Telephone, Bell Atlantic and Verizon for 33 1/2 years until my retirement in November of 2003.

I want people to know that when they turn on the Oldies Attic between 9 and Noon on Saturday's they will be treated to the great music from the roots of rock and roll, community events, trivia and a few laughs.
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