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Cross the Street with "Jimmy Stewart"
Rich Little interview with Mark Bertig

These photos are from the ceremony, except for the first photo, which is from a party for
President Ronald Reagan's inaugural in 1981 in Washington, D.C. Our thanks to Dr. Charlotte Laws, who stands to Stewart's left.


November 19, 2009
Downtown Indiana has always been a unique place…now it’s even more so as the crosswalks in front of the Jimmy Stewart Museum gain a special distinction thanks to superstar entertainer Rich Little. A dedication ceremony is scheduled for today at noon.

Universally regarded as the greatest impersonator of all time, Little has provided the voice of Jimmy Stewart for the street-crossing announcements at the corners of 9th and Philadelphia Streets.

He says the idea came about several years ago when he and museum Executive Director Tim Harley were crossing 7th and Philadelphia, back in the days when pedestrians were alerted to cross the street by an electronic “bird chirping”.

The cost for the project was shared by the museum and Downtown Indiana, Incorporated, and many agencies and individuals assisted in bringing it about.

The public is invited to the ceremony at noon today in front of the Renda Broadcasting studios. Among those offering remarks will be Michael Chapaloney, the Pennsylvania Director of Tourism Communications.

Crosswalk Dedication