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What’s a Derecho?

If you’re reading this in Western Pennsylvania, you should know that we’re in for a couple very stormy days. The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood watch for Indiana County and says areas around Interstate 80 could see 2 inches of rain. More concerning is the possibility of severe storms tomorrow in many parts of the country. In fact, I just saw an estimate that 64 million people could be impacted by the major storms over the next couple days. What meteorologists are worried about is a derecho. A derecho line of massive storms containing strong straight line winds. Derechos stretch at least 240 miles. The storms are also expected to include tornadoes. The National Weather Service says the risk for severe weather is 15 times higher in the Pittsburgh region than it normally is on any given day in June. So, pay attention to your weather forecasts on the radio and television and take safety measures if necessary!


Gerrit Cole was great last night. Hopefully the Pirates have a future ace on their hands. It’s amazing how well the teams in the Pirates’ division have played. The St. Louis Cardinals are 20 games over .500, the Reds are a half-game ahead of the Buccos and all three teams are still among the major leagues’ best.

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